Transform Your Life With Me – Nazbul Mollick,

An Educator and Professional Digital Marketer.

The Journey of Life can’t be written in a single page, here I can give you some overview of my life.

Hi Guy’s

I’m Nazbul, was born in Surjyapur, a suburb town of Baruipur-Kolkata, situated at West Bengal state of India.

I am a Digital Entrepreneur || MLM Leader || A Big Dreamer ||

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  • Advance Diploma in Computer Chip-level Engineering.
  • Diploma in Information Technology & Application.
  • Diploma in Website Designing & Technology.
  • Diploma in Computer Hardware Repairing & Maintainence .
  • Certificate in Cloud Computing & Ethical Hacking .
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My Skills

Digital Marketing Skill

I have great knowledge and experience in Website Designing, Graphics Designing, Logo Designing, Content Writing & Affiliate  Marketing.

Computer Engineering 

I am a specialist in Laptop Engineering and Desktop also.

Network Marketing

I am a full-time net-worker of a leading Direct Selling Company in India. 

You’ve only got one life
Why expect 20-30 years
to get something
which will be earned
straight away in exactly 3-5 years
if you don’t take a step now
it’s going to be too late
why not now….?
Why not not You…? “

Transform Your Life

I, Nazbul Mollick here to help Entrepreneurs and Marketers to Leverage Digital Marketing and Network Marketing for more Business and Branding.

What we Do

We have a powerful back-office team of Engineers & Creators to delivers quality solutions and services at a price that makes our clients smile. In-depth knowledge of various technology areas enables us to provide end-to-end solutions and services.

Why You Contact Us

  • Typically, many of our customers do not have the time to require on the work of integrating the design an feel of their brand into social media. Also most of our clients haven’t any experience in graphic design. That’s where we step in ! we make the whole process of getting your business looking professional online extremely Easy. Our personal one-on-one approach to customer service is one among the most important reasons that our clients come to us with new projects and sometimes refer us to their friends and family.  

Your Advise are Schoolbooks For Us

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